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Vinyl is versatile: it can be as rigid as industrial pipes, as pliable as plastic wrap, and as thin and flexible as wallcovering. It can also be completely clear or matched to any color desired.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (commonly abbreviated as PVC) is a widely-used plastic.

Globally, over 50% of all PVC manufactured is used in construction as a building material. PVC is budget-friendly and easy to assemble.


PVC wall paneling is a very user-friendly product, to begin with. One can easily cut the panels to size and install them making it the ideal solution. It is fast and easy as compared to tiles and wood material as it takes about half the time to fit (NO GAP). Since it is easy to install, anyone can fit them, thereby saving money on fitting.

Easy Maintenance

Sound Resistant, Impact Resistant   

Fire proof, Rot Proof, Damp Proof and Rust Proof

Water Proof and Heat Proof PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels , Sound Resistant and Impact Resistant 

Easy to cut, Drilled, Nailed and Sawed.